Welcome to the Nimmitabel & District Garden Club

The Club celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017.  During this time, the Club has been very successful in running a biannual Open Gardens programme, highlighting the many cold climate gardens of the greater Monaro district.  From old farming properties, to smaller village gardens, these gardens have provided a wonderful oasis on the Monaro plains, whilst others are surrounding by the typical Australian bushland setting of towering eucalpt forests.

Monies raised have been used to support many local charities, and have been used to beautify the Nimmitabel village itself through the planting of avenues of trees in the approaches to the village and its surrounding streets.

The Club has a very active membership and we try to live up to the GCA’s motto of friendship through gardening.  The Club has also produced a garden book, now in its third edition, fourth printing.

Normally, members meet monthly on the first Tuesday, except for January and November when we meet on the second, in the Nimmitabel Community Centre, but increasingly meetings take place in the gardens of members.  Invited speakers share the hearth during the cold winter months.  During the year, members raise plant cuttings etc to swap at one of the meetings … everyone may benefit from the trials and tribulations of growing plants in the many local micro-climates found throughout the Monaro region.

Boloco Creek Steelworks
Tablelands Trees & Shrubs

This year saw our Open Gardens Field day expand  over two  days,  April 21st-22nd 2018 The Nimmitabel Showground hosted  many plant nurseries from near and far. 

Open gardens were Gourock, Bibbenluke Lodge and Bibbenluke Inn.

 Exhibitors at the Showground included:
Australian Geranium Society, Boloco Creek Steelworks, Bombala Garden Jewels, Cool Country Natives, Country Farm Perennials, Estate Gardening [tools], Garry Reid’s Obscure Bulbs, Ian Marr, artist and letter cutter, Monaro Native Nursery, Orchids on Newbold, Perennialle Plants, Rusty Barb Designs, Sunvale Plants Nursery, Swagman Sprayers, Tableland Trees and Shrubs and White House Nursery.

Old Bibbenluke Inn

A garden for all seasons, a clever mixture of hardy and rare perennials and trees.  Pam Scott has continued to extend and develop the exotic and native borders behind the house.  Her keen eye for design has superimposed a gentle discipline without losing the soft informality.


A garden with glorious views, this beautifully sited house nestles into the landscape, and relaxed plantings of hardy perennials meander through spacious lawns.  Stone walls blend into the landscape, and mature trees tower above.  Sue and Peter Martin-Smith have planned a garden to relax in and enjoy, while not being a burden.

Bibbenluke Lodge

A  garden of surprises, glorious colour, with massed plantings of perennials, shrubs and trees surrounding the art decco inspired house.  Award winning artist, Lucy Culliton’s garden design is unusual and unexpected.  Riotous dahlias are especially eye-catching as they vie for space with masses autumn flowers.  Rescued animals and birds abound, making a visit an unforgettable experience.

January 2nd                                 No meeting

February 6th                               Meeting at Community Centre

March 8th                                     Mr Dennis Dempsy, Head Gardener Old Parliament House.

April 3rd                                        Organisational meeting, Community Centre

April 21st & 22nd                    OPEN GARDENS AND PLANT FAIR

May 1st                                          Dr Richard Stirzaker, CSIRO.  water guru. venue TBA

June 5th                                         Visit to National Arborteum, Canberra

July 3rd                                           Guest Speaker 

August 7th                                    Tips and Tricks: garden forum. Community Centre. 

September 4th                            AGM and plant and magazine swap.

October 2nd                                 TBA

November 13th                          Visit to Riverdale Homestead and Garden, Goulburn  

November                                       Visit to Han Owens garden at Jindabyne

December 4th                              Christmas function, venue TBA


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